Name Based Hosting and SSL

In a standard setup there can only be one SSL-server per IP:port. But if you have a wildcard certificate for eg * you can have separate servers configured for appropriate hosts below like + + … Read  Wikipedia on Name-Based VirtualHosts and SSL.

image processing with flex

While looking through old projects i found MeasureCam. It was meant to measure the archieved height in snowboard highjump contests. If you have a camera attached, give it a go. It tries to find a moving object with a compact shape, then determines the centroid  and finally does some calculations for apogee. Height determined!

blog visitor map

If you ever wondered what the map to the right actually displays … it’s a map of all visitors to this blog. Visitors are located by ip-address via the free geoip database and the resulting locations + count + last access are stored anonymously in a database. You can then access the data as a […]

grbl gets i2c code for spindle control

I’ve hacked a first draft of i2c-master code into grbl 0.9c. I found some i2c code here which doesn’t use polling as most examples, but is interrupt- and state machine based. This shouldn’t block the cpu and therefore shouldn’t intervene with grbl’s stepper signal generation. Grbl divides the requested rpm by 100 and sends the […]