grbl updates to 0.9f

grbl’s dev branch is now @ 0.9f. Caution: due to the extended memory consumption, it might be less stable with standard settings of 16/18 for┬áBLOCK_BUFFER_SIZE. So is my grbl branch: based on 0.9f remove dynamic tool length g43.1 support support a 4-entry tool-table, “G10 L1 Px Rb Xc Yd Ze” to set radius & xyz-offsets […]

enhancing grbl 0.9e

Currently i’m testing a modified version of grbl 0.9e dev. My modifications include: i2c control for spindle (coolant currently disabled) grbl status via blink code of arduino LED homing will set coord to 0,0,0 (and not -offset) tool table support for diameter and xyz-offsets softlimits respect tool z-offset for usable space Things seem to work […]

Raspberry Pi Fixes

Yey! Two fixes for raspberry pi firmware issues have gone in … #463 reenabling the screen from hdmi-power-down when rotation is 90/270 degrees #604 provide workaround for gstreamer and latest v4l2 drivers The combination of the two in one kernel is _the_ killer feature for digital signage.

Resolution for Qt Camera on Raspberry Pi

I found that in Qt 5.1.x and 5.2.x from the camera only works reliably if i don’t specify a Camera resolution. With “reliably” i mean: starting, capturing stills and closing in a reliable and repeatable way and getting a proper screenshot saved: if i specify “640×480″ the camera works “kind of”, only rarely are […]